C L U B  I N F O E V E N T S P I C T U R E S L O C A L  R I D I N G D I S C U S S I O N  B O A R D M A I L I N G  L I S T L I N K S S E A  G U L L  C E N T U R Y

Club Officers 2004 - 2005

President:Finith Jernigan
Vice-President:Dave Ballinger
Treasurer:Kristy Thacker
WebmasterTom Ayd

Faculty & Staff Advisors

Advisor:Joel Davies
Advisor:John Chatham
LAB Representative:Michael Boolukos
International Emissary:Agata Liszkowska


Club Meetings

The club meets Wednesday evenings at 7:30 in the University Police building, located in front of Maggs.

Group Rides

Group rides are a good way to get out riding more. Rides will be planned weekly on days where most members are able to ride. We ride at the park by the Salisbury Zoo or at the Parker Athletic complex on Naylor Mill Road.