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SPRING 2010 Meetings


FMA's 3rd meeting will be on Thursday April 29th @3:30 in Caruthers 122.


1. Guest Speaker: Salisbury Alum Derrick Lynch from M&T Bank will be speaking.


FMA's 2nd meeting will be on Thursday March 4th @3:30 in Caruthers 122.

Agenda:  High Priority  

This is a MANDATORY Meeting for those attending the FMA New York Trip.  Everyone going on this trip MUST show up and MUST turn in the remaining $50 balance of the trip (if you have not done so already, in the form of check made payable to SU FMA) and complete all necessary paperwork! We still have a few spots available, so if you are interested please email Rebekah MacLean-Blevins ASAP to get additional information and to reserve your seat.  Finalized trip information will be given at this meeting as well.  See you all on Thursday the 4th!


FMA's 1st meeting will be on Thursday February 4th @3:30 in Caruthers Hall 122


1. New York Trip - collecting deposits, paperwork, and updates
2. New Officers will be elected and given their responsibilities
3. Introduction to FMA - for the new freshmen/transfer students
4. Discussing on potential speakers, service projects, and fundraising events for the semester







FALL 2009 Meetings


FMA's 3rd meeting will be on Thursday December 3rd @3:30 in Caruthers 102.


1. Guest Speaker: Ms. Kim Magaha (former President of FMA), of Strategic Wealth Management Group in Salisbury, MD. 
Updated information on our annual spring trip to the financial district in New York city.

Election (FMA officers for 2010).


FMA's 2nd meeting will be on Thursday October 22nd @3:30 in Caruthers 102.


1. Guest Speaker: Our own Dr. Tylor Claggett, Professor of Finance at Perdue School, will speak about the CFA Exams.
2. Important information about our annual spring trip to the financial district in New York city.
3. Collection of new membership applications by FMA officers.


FMA's 1st meeting will be on Thursday September 24th @3:30 in Caruthers 118.


1. Guest Speaker Ms. Lori Finestine from Becker CFA Exams.
2. Fund raising opportunities: Seagull Century sign-ups.



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