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SPRING 2011 Meetings


FMA's 4th meeting will be on Thursday March 17th @3:30 in Caruthers Hall 122.


1. Final Informational Meeting on New York's Financial District trip!  Please bring the remainder of your balance for the trip. If you are an FMA member and volunteered during FMA's Sea Gull Century in the fall, then you are set to go. If you are an FMA member and did not volunteer, please bring $10.00. If you are neither, please bring $20.00. Room assignments as well as out of state travel (school related activities) form will be distributed (if you have not done so already).


FMA's 3rd meeting will be on Friday March 4th @3:30 in Caruthers Hall 122.


1. Guest Speaker:  Mr. John Allen, CFP, CIMA, will be our speaker and he is the wealth management advisor for Merrill lynch. Mr. Allen is currently the Senior Resident Director for Merrill Lynch's Columbia office. The Merrill Lynch office in Columbia, Maryland focuses on delivering wealth management solutions to high net worth individuals and businesses while delivering unparalleled service. They assist their clients in wealth accumulation, wealth preservation, and wealth transfer strategies through an integrated wealth management process.


FMA's 2nd meeting will be on Thursday February 24th @3:30 in Caruthers Hall 122.


1. Guest Speaker:  Mr. Eric Johnston, President of InFocus Financial Advisors in Salisbury, Maryland. Mr. Johnston is a Certified Financial Planner and advisor to individuals, families, and businesses on the Eastern Shore of Maryland since 1993. Mr. Johnston is a founding Father of the Delmarva Planned Giving Council and has served as the Treasurer of the Salisbury Jaycees Foundation.

2.  Discussions on New York's Financial District trip (April 7-9, 2011)!


FMA's 1st meeting will be on Thursday February 10th @3:30 in Caruthers Hall 122.


1. Discuss and finalize New York's Financial District trip! $50 non-refundable deposit are due at this meeting.



FALL 2010 Meetings

FMA's 3rd meeting will be on Thursday November 11th @3:30 in Caruthers Hall 118.


Guest Speaker:  Mr. Zadok Cherrix, '96, of Fannie Mae will be our next speaker on Thursday, November 11.  Recently, Fannie Mae has interviewed/employed Perdue School graduates.  Mr. Cherrix is looking forward to speak to FMA members.  This will be a great opportunity for finance students and others in attendance to ask any questions or concerns they may have about where the housing market is going and how Fannie Mae will operate in the future.  Additionally, Mr. Cherrix graduated from Salisbury University's Perdue School of Business in 1996, Majoring in Business Administration with a Concentration in Marketing.   Mr. Cherrix worked outside of finance field before joining Fannie Mae.


FMA's 2nd meeting will be on Thursday October 21st @3:30 in Caruthers 122.


Guest Speaker:  Ms. Lisa Woodward, SU alum '08, will be speaking during National Business Women’s Week, to represent women in the business world. She has been employed by the Perdue Farms for the past two years. She will be completing her MBA from Arizona State University in December 2010. She will be speaking about her career transition from Perdue School Business into the corporate world (Perdue Farms). 

FMA's 1st meeting will be on Thursday September 23rd @3:30 in Caruthers 122.


1. Introduction to FMA - for the new freshmen/transfer students.
2. Two new officers will be appointed to the open positions.
3. Discussing on potential speakers, service projects.
4. Fundraising events for the semester (i.e., Seagull Century sign-ups).


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