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Past Society Trips, Activities and Events

Below are several of the society's past trips, activities and events. Click on any event to read about it and see lots of great pictures! We have had many great adventures and will have plenty more... You should definately become a part of it if you're not already!

Fall 05


Sea Gull Century : The society helped out in Sea Gull Century again in 2005. Thanks to everyone who helped!

Homecoming 2005 : "Still Soaring Strong, 80 years Long" -- 1st Place for the Geo Society again! Who wouldn't want the opportunity to shoot their professors with water balloons? As you can see, even Sammy got in on the action. Click to see more info and pictures of this event!
  Fun Day 2005 : The society participated in Fun Day again in 2005. Dr. Scott hosted a very popular activity - printing out aerial photographs of people's homes. Thanks to Allison, Amy, Eddie, and Chris for helping out.
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