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Homecoming 2005

"Still Soaring Strong, 80 years Long" That was the theme that we were presented with this year. At first we were unsure about what to do for a banner, especially since we were playing the "builders"; when Dave Church came up with the great idea of having a seagull crash into a house that was being built! Great job Dave! The Society agreed on this design and history was made. Thanks to the creative designs of Margaret Smith, Eddie Noyes and Mike G. for thier seagull and blimp; Chris Nallan for his "stick-built house"; Kevin Ross for his front- yard sign; and Amy Rada and Allison Kollinger for putting it all together we were able to win FIRST PLACE in the BANNER CONTEST (for the 2nd year in a row), as well as take home FIRST PRIZE for the entire Block Party!


Dr. Tom Jones
Heather Holmes
Dean of Henson School, Dr. Tom Jones
Heather Holmes lining up a shot
Sammy the Seagull's turn
SU Student taking a shot

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