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White Water Rafting - September 2006

The Rafts were:
15: Eddie, Mike, Katie, Liz, Kyle, and Dan
913: Chris, Melissa, Mary, Nick, Carrie, and Caitlyn
915: Allison, Shelley, Emily, Stephanie, Kevin and Kyle

Presidential Launch   Raft 915   Raft 915   Raft 915

Raft 913 launches... Though they seem a bit confused as to which direction to go as they paddle upstream. Good ol' Geography majors.

  Raft 915 from the side: Shelley, Allison, Stephanie, Emily, Kevin, and Kyle.   Raft 913 gets swept into the rapids side ways!   The “back support” of raft 915; Stephanie & Emily, with Kevin & Kyle stearing.
Raft 913   SPOOK!   Rescue 915   Hippies
Shelley watches the crew of Raft 913: Melissa prepares to hop out… Chris and Mary bail water… Carrie, Caitlyn, and Nick watch for more rocks.   Mike - the only photographed member of raft 15   We did get pictures of random people though. Raft 915 fished this disoriented guy out of the water, surely saving his life.   And theses hippies were just plain entertaining with their Stomp-style pontoon + food bucket music and spinning shenanigans.
WWR913   Back in the raft   Lunch   Lunch
Raft 913 going over some decent rapids. This is where Nick falls out.   Nick hops back in the raft as Carrie and Shelley laugh.   Katie, Stephanie, Carrie, Caitlyn, and Melissa eat lunch halfway down the river   Chris, Dan, Nick, Stephanie, Kyle, Liz and Katie chow down before going back to their rafts
Raft913stopped   Sunk!   raft915   Waterfall
Raft 913: Chris, Melissa, Mary, Nick, Carrie, and Caitlyn say cheese while waiting for the other rafts to catch up.   Who were we waiting for you ask? Well the group who sunk the "unsinkable raft" of course. Good job raft 15!   Raft 915: Allison, Shelley, Emily, Stephanie, Kevin and Kyle.   A little waterfall we saw while rafting.
Pink Floyd   Raft913c   Pullinin   Raft915girls
Aaaaand apparently we saw the Pink Floyd Prism too... Enjoy Steph.   Nick, Mary, Chris, Carrie, Melissa, and Caitlyn paddle hard to get to the last rapid.   Raft 915 lining up to back 'er in at the end of the trip.   The girls of raft 915; Stephanie, Allison, Emily and Shelley.

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