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History Of Lambda Pi Eta

Lambda Pi Eta was initiated by the students of the Department of Communication at the University of Arkansas and was then endorsed by the faculty and founder, Dr. Stephen A. Smith in 1985.  The Speech Communication Association, now, the National Communication Association (NCA), established Lambda Pi Eta as an affiliate organization and as the official national communication honor society for undergraduates in 1994.  In February 1996, Lambda Pi Eta was inducted in the Association of College Honor Societies. 

Planning for our chapter at Salisbury University, Delta Theta, began in 1993.  We received our charter in 1995.  We meet about once a month and welcome all members to participate in creating the vision for the future of our chapter. 

“L” stands for the first mode of persuasion; logos, or logic.  In all aspects of scholarship and its application to one’s life, logic plays a major role in deliberations and problem solving.

“P” stands for pathos, or emotional appeal.  This second symbol of our organization’s name encompasses a driving force that makes an organization vital and effective.

“E” stands for ethos, or character credibility and ethics.  Aristotle sees character credibility as a primary means of affecting change in society and one’s life.  Thus it is appropriate that ethos is a major symbol of Lambda Pi Eta.

The membership of Lambda Pi Eta is composed of undergraduate students who have declared an interest in the field of communication and have achieved a high level of academic excellence.  Students become eligible for membership if they acquire a cumulative GPA of 3.0, complete 60 credits of coursework, 16 of which are credits in communication courses, acquire a GPA of at least 3.25 in these communication courses, are ranked in the upper 35% of their class, are currently enrolled as a full-time student and display a sincere interest in the field of communication.  Achieving these goals are clearly worthy for honor society membership. 

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