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February, 2012

07 February -

National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

February, 2012

15 February -

What does it mean to be colored?

Guest Speaker: Dr. James King

February, 2012

29 February -

Family Values vs Moral Values

March, 2012

14 March -

Stop Kony!!! We will be showing the Invisible Children Documentary.

March, 2012

18 March -

Talent Wanted! Poets Wanted! Musicians Wanted! April 4th we are having a Poetry Slam. "All men are created equal" Email if you want to showcase your talents, NAACPSalisbury@gmail.com

March, 2012

24 March -

Justice Rally for Trayvon Martin at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C

No Justice! No Peace!

Malcolm X

Speech by Dick Gregory

Fight the Power!

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr

Hoodies Up!

Save our Sons! Am I next?

March, 2012

28 March -

Trayvon Martin #SUHoodiesUp Day


Fundraiser at Red Brick Pizza

April, 2012

4 April -

Poetry Slam!!! All men are Created Equal

April, 2012

11 April -


April, 2012 

12 April - 

Anthony Graves a black man was wrongly trailed and was imprisoned for 12 years before he was found innocent. Tonight he shares his story in person. I am sure we all have been falsely accused or a victim to injustice. Come listen to a story of how Justice prevails. Tonight 7pm Perdue Hall Room 156!!!!   

April, 2012 

17 April - 

Our nation is in the midst of the most aggressive attempt to roll back voting rights in over a century.

A century ago, the target was the voting rights of Black voters and other voters of color. The goal was to eliminate their presence at the polls to accelerate the spread of racial segregation.

Today, the target is the voting rights of Black voters, Latino voters, Asian American Voters, Native American Voters, as well as students and young people, seniors, working men and women, and immigrants of all colors. These are also among the voting demographics who are most likely to support workers rights, equal opportunity, women's rights, LBGT rights, environmental protection, and peace.

A century ago, their tactics were varied: grandfather clauses, poll taxes, and racially motivated ex-felon voting bans.

Today, voter suppression also takes many forms, including attacks on early and Sunday voting to make voting harder for working people, photo ID requirements for voting and registration that introduce the first financial barrier to voting since the poll tax, and the same racially-motivated ex-felon bans.

April, 2012

25 April - 

April, 2012

25 April - 

Last Chapter Meeting of the Semester!! We will be having a guest speaker, Natalie Whittingham, a lawyer, speak about Civil Rights as a Student.