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The National Broadcasting Society at SU is an organization with an emphasis on preparing Communication majors to excel within the world of broadcast media. This includes workshops, seminars, programs and field trips; each designed to enlighten those involved. NBS and its honor society Alpha Epsilon Rho, serve the interests of over eighty-five other chapters on college, university, and high school campuses.

The national office of NBS declares that it’s purpose it to “encourage and reward scholarship and accomplishment among students of broadcasting, to establish meaningful communication between student and professional broadcasters and to foster integrity in the use of the powerful instruments of radio, television, film, cable and its' many associated businesses and industries.”

The Creed of NBS reads: “To bind together in a fraternal and professional bond, men and women, dedicated to the future, the development, and the profession of the field of electronic media. To make responsibility our action, achievement our goal, and excellence our ideal, realizing that the trust placed within us, with our profession, can change the destiny of the world.” 

Therefore, membership in NBS is open to all who have an interest in electronic media or a related field. Here at SU, we intend to provide support to all of our members, honor our profession, achieve excellence and have a great time in the process.

Founding Members at the National Conference, Washington, D.C. Spring, 2006 (left to right):

Mary Olds, Megan Dowdy, Matt Walenciak, David Stokes, Jackie Hanusey, Veronica Jablecki


Television Production
Mass Media majors at SU have access to over 15 classes in TV, including broadcast writing, theory, practica and internships

Radio Production
SU offers classes and has its own radio station, WXSU FM, where students can gain practical experience

Digital Filmmaking
is also offered and encouraged as part of the mass media curriculum