Past Meetings

Here are some pictures of our November 6, 2003 meeting.  You will notice that we are meeting in the entry hall of Holloway, because the wonderful school did not unlock the room we had reserved.  They're always looking out for the Republicans...

Above Lauren, Jennifer, Matt, Zee-man, and Veronica listen intently to something being said.

This is the view of the Republican Club meeting that greeted every visitor to the main building of the school...what a great place to meet. Our treasurer Brian is busy calculating some figures...he's a bright guy, literally and figuratively!

You can see what's left of the refreshments from our meeting...important discussion requires sustenance.

Above Brian and Justin are explaining our party politics. They are smart guys.

What a great group of people! Crazy democrats don't know what they are missing....

Justin, Lauren, and Jennifer are contemplating Bush's next winning strategy here!

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