Meet our officers:


Fall 2012/ Spring 2013

President: Nicholas George Pappas

Vice President: Dan Feeney

Treasurer: Fran O'Hara

SGA Representative: Stephanie Hallowell

Consul Members: Maria Robey, Bradley Long, Megan Counts, Hope Hahr, Malory Darden

Members: Fall 2012/Spring 2013



Spring 2005

President: Belinda J. Smith

Vice President: Joseph Schanno

Treasurer: Melissa Adams

Flyer Rep: Adam Meeham


Bios of current and past officers soon to come!  Thanks for the suggestion!

Past officers:

Fall 2004

President: Jennifer Hoffman

Vice President: Belinda J. Smith


Spring 2004

President: Matthew Bourne

Vice President: Jennifer Hoffman

SGA Rep: Carrie Klemmans

Web Designer: Eric Colvin


Before all of that

President, Web Designer, and person who made this club active: Eric Colvin




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