Fall 2004 Semester



Left: Republicans in front of the Crossfire Mascot.  Right: Erin and Josh at the rally.


Left: Republicans showing their candidate support while the Democrats were having a rally.  Where are all of the Kerry supporters??  Right: SU College Republican Marines showing their support at the rally!


Left: Some of our members at a recent meeting. Right: Veronica, Nate, and Lindy working the homecoming table.


Left: Joe, Jon, and Nate ready for the debate.  Right: Jon, Joe, Lindy, Nate, and Chris after the debate.  We are very happy with the way we presented the facts!


Left: Sign Waving!  Right: Putting together signs at headquarters...a very messy job!


Left: A group of republicans watching one of the Presidential debates on TV.  Right: A group at one of the inaugural events...it was very cold.

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