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SHRM is a national, professional organization dedicated to serving the Human Resource profession.  It provides members with numerous research and information services, publications, certifications, and training opportunities designed to improve their ability to be effective leaders and decision makers in their organizations.  Part of SHRM's role is to facilitate the transition into careers in HRM by sponsoring student chapters in universities throughout the U.S. 

Any student taking 6 or more hours in a degree-seeking program undergraduate or graduate level can become a member of SHRM. 

The purpose of SHRM at SU is to:

  • Acquaint students with the field of human resources

  • Keep students up to date on new developments in the field of human resources

  • Provide learning opportunities through interaction with human resource practitioners

  • Encourage adherence to the Code of Ethics of the Society of Human Resource Management

  • Promote the development of truly professional human resource managers for the future

Students interested in pursuing a career in Human Resource Management are encouraged to become student members of SHRM. 

Membership to the national SHRM costs $35 annually. 

However, it provides many benefits: 

  • 12 months of HRMagazine, a practitioner-focused source of news and information on HR topics

  • 12 months of HR News, a source of information on current HR topics

  • Echoes, a special student newsletter published quarterly

  • Exposure to the field of HRM through access to speakers, fieldtrips, site visits, and training programs

  • Internship opportunities in HRM

  • Networking opportunities with HR faculty and practitioners

  • Affiliation with other students sharing similar interests who will be a source of future business contacts


HR is a difficult field to "break into," and being a student member of SHRM is a key entry strategy that can substantially benefit your career.  If you DO pursue a career in HRM, you will no doubt become a professional member of SHRM in the future.  Becoming a member is a smart first step, because it gives you a discount on the cost of your first year's membership after graduation.

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Salisbury University SHRM Advisor: Dr. Thomas Calo