Salisbury University SOAP Office GUC 125 G | 1101 Camden Avenue Salisbury, MD 21801 Phone: 410-543-6197 | Fax: 410-677-5359 | Email: Home | About Soap | Execs | Events | Photos You must be a currently enrolled SU student. Only one ticket, per person, per SU ID (you can not purchase two tickets, even if you have your friend's ID) The owner of the SU ID must be present with funds at time of purchase. Tickets are non-refundable unless otherwise noted. Line holding is strictly prohibited (ie. holding 2 spots for a friend to join you) Vacating the line means loss of position in line to purchase ticket. Conduct that is unbecoming of a SU student, in accordance with all posted guidelines and University policies will result in your removal from line with a penalty assessed to either proceed to the end of the line or vacate the premises without purchasing a ticket. Questions regarding Ticket Sales Guidelines may be directed to the Director of Student Activities.