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Social work students founded the undergraduate Social Work Club which they use as a forum to discuss and debate issues affecting the Social Work Program and the community.  The Program supports the activities of the Club by providing a faculty member to serve as Advisor. Presently, Dr. Peg McGuire serves as the Advisor.  New social work majors are encouraged to attend meetings as part of their orientation to the Program.   

The undergraduate Social Work Club began in 1974, the year the Social Work Program was first accredited by the Council on Social Work Education.  The members of the club have been active from the very beginning by successfully demonstrating on campus for the recognition of a distinct degree in social work (the Bachelor of Arts in Social Work) instead of the generally designated Bachelor of Arts. 

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The mission of the club is threefold: 

  • to perform community service
  • to educate the student body about social work
  • to orient students in the major to the program.

Community activities include volunteer work, in addition to the volunteer hours required in the Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare.  The celebration of Social Work Month each year is designed to draw general attention to the importance of social work.  Activities to orient new students to the department’s program include “mixers” for juniors and seniors.  Also speakers, such as experienced field supervisors, are invited to speak to the club. 

The club is open to students from SU and UMES.  Dates and times of meetings are posted on the Club’s bulletin board in the main corridor of Caruthers Hall.  Minutes of club meetings are also posted there.  The election of officers is held each Spring.  Positions are open to any interested social work student.  One member of the faculty acts as advisor to the club and helps with coordination.  Fundraising for the club is shared by all the members. 

Students find the club a good way to network, to gain useful information, to learn organizational and leadership skills and a way to relax and have fun.  Be sure to try it.  There is a niche for everyone! 

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CLUB OFFICERS for 2009-2010 Academic Year:

Advisor: Dr. Peg Proudfoot McGuire
President: Misha Thomas/Cecil Site- President: Patricia Williams
Vice-President:Becky Weeks/CS: Vice-President: Shannon Harvey
Secretary:  Tisheika Warner/CS: Secretary: Jennifer Dickenson-Sofia
Treasurer:  Breanne Swedler/CS: Tresurer: Ashley Farr

The Club officers and their roles are as follows: 


a.  Provides leadership to other officers.  Coordinates and organizes committees and the calendar of special events for the year.  Represents club at SGA functions and Social Work Department Professional Advisory Committee.  Responsible for work orders and other paperwork as required by the University.  Should have good delegation and negotiation skills.  Special project is the Senior Ceremony.  Can be a senior, junior or sophomore. 


b.  Assists President as needed and attends functions as his/her designee when necessary.  In charge of P.R. and new member recruitment.  Maintains club bulletin board.  Special responsibilities include the Junior/Senior Mixer and the Club Picnic.  Should be a junior or sophomore. 


c.  Consults with President on budget and updates budget monthly.  Informs the membership of income and expenses.  Coordinates fundraisers for expenses and helps committees set budgets for activities.  Submits receipts and keeps records as required by the SGA.  Should be good with numbers and have excellent organizational skills.  Can be a senior, junior or sophomore.


d.  Responsible for correspondence to guest speakers, faculty, other campus organizations or community agencies as needed.  Takes minutes at all meetings and distributes them to faculty and the club bulletin boards at SU and UMES.  Can be a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior.

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Students are encouraged to participate and run for office.  Questions frequently asked about the Club are: 

Why run for a club office?

It is a great learning experience! Learn teamwork and organizational skills, which will help you in your career.  You will also learn a lot about other activities and people on campus.  Of course, it always looks good on your resume or graduate school application. 

Who should run?

Students from both SU and UMES are eligible.  Candidates must be willing to commit their time and energy for a full year.  They must attend regular club meetings and be available when officer meetings or meetings with the club advisor are held.  Officers are expected to attend special events and work with committees to plan special projects.  Both upper and lower classmen in the major can run for an office if they meet the description for the position.  Those interested can nominate themselves or can be nominated by others.  Nominations and elections will be held in the spring semester. 

How can I participate in the Club if I am not an officer?

Anyone can join the club by attending club meetings, which are posted on the bulletin board.  There are no dues.  Help is always needed with bake sales, clothing or canned food drives, etc.  Perhaps you have an interest in a special activity and would like to participate in a committee for that project.  Meet other people in the major and learn about the social work program and the profession in general! 

What if I want to be in the club but cannot come to the scheduled meetings?

Simple.  Keep an eye on the social work club bulletin board for information on helping at functions, volunteering in the community, and attending scheduled fun events.  You can participate by doing this other than attending the meetings. 

Involvement in the undergraduate Social Work Club is an excellent way to get involved, meet fellow students, do volunteer work, and make the most out of your education at SU!  A club is only what its members make of it!

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