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Hi yíall! I am Caitlin Ratzlaff, and I am a Soprano/Alto in Squawkappella. Iím a graduating Senior, majoring in Math, with a minor in Music! This is my fifth year in the group, and my fourth year as the groupís music director. When I am not singing and dancing with Salisbury Poms, I like just kicking back, watching movies and hanging with friends. A little secret: I have an unhealthy obsession with Diet Coke, Batman, and all things cheetah print! Make sure to check us out at various events on campus, hope to see you there!





I am Patrick Simons, the current president of Squawkappella. This is my third year in the group. I am a Junior, majoring in Biology and Environmental Science. I am an avid hiker, backpacker and runner. I love biology, and am presently doing research on the Eastern Shore's dung beetle populations


HI!! My name is Cooper! Iím a tenor one in Squawkappella. Iím a Psychology major and have been in the group for three years. Iíve been singing for as long as I can remember and I donít intend on stopping any time soon. On a more personal side, I like dogs and Fall weather. In my free time I like spending time with friends and working to get rid of my insane student debt. Be sure to catch the rest of the sexual members of Squawkappella at one of our concerts!!!!





Yo, itís ya boy Kobi. I am a Junior and this will be my third and last year in Squawkappella. Also, I sing bass/baritone. Here at SU I am working toward a Physics/Engineering dual degree. I was born in Accra, Ghana in West Africa but I grew up mostly in Bowie, MD. I love skateboarding, singing (of course), playing the trombone (for your 10 years now) and baseball (Nats Fan). I love the Lord and serve Him with all that I am. Did I mention I enjoy skateboarding because THATíS thing.  


Wazzup peoplz! Iím Kevin! Iím a bass in Squawkappella. Iím a Biology major and Psych minor, and Iíve been squawkiní for 3 years. Iíve been a Canine person all my life, and I feel a pet fox would be cool, but turtles are the AWESOMEST!! I love singing (obviously ^_^), bowling, making people laugh, and owniní people on PS3. Hope to see you at one of our concerts!

Tom  My name is Tom Heinbockel. I am the vice president. I am a Sophomore Studying Exercise Science and i am a Bass. In 2013 i hiked 2185.9 miles from Georgia to Maine on the Appalachian Trail which took me 5 months. I really like being outside especially if I'm running or riding my bike. I love really big trees and being in places where the night sky is bright and cell phones don't work. My favorite TV show is a fire and i think the human body is a wonderfully fascinating masterpiece. Some of my favorite books are Oh The Places You'll Go by Dr. Seuss, The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield, and Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. 
krista Hey there! My name is Krista Setera and I am a Sopranooooo. I am the treasurer and web designer for Squawk. I am majoring in Communication Arts with a track in Media Production. I have two minors: film studies and art. I love movies, photography, art, and anything that drives passion. Fun facts: I love giraffes, twix, and I am planning a cross country road trip!

My name is Graham King and I am a freshman majoring in Biology and Music. I'm a local farmboy who owes his background in a capella music to the Mennonite church he grew up in. I sings bass, but I have chosen against formally harboring ill will against treble.


Hello! My name is Desiree Borges and I am a freshman this year at Salisbury! I am the one and only Soprano 1 in the group this year and I am so excited. I'm a music major and I sing play the piano and the ukulele. I am very outgoing and love meeting new people.


My name is Daniel Bishop! I'm currently a sophomore here at SU and this is my first year in the group. My major is Accounting and I'm also getting a minor in music. I have a huge passion for music and performing arts. Looking forward to singing and performing with Squawkappella this year and the years to come!


Hey guys, Iím Amanda! Iím a junior and this is my second year in Squawkappella, and I sing alto. Iím a music technology major here at Salisbury University. I enjoy endlessly watching TV shows on Netflix, playing video games, and being a smart ass. Iím excited to see how this year in Squawkappella turns out! :-)


Hi everyone, Iím Kaylyn. I am a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education and minoring in Mathematics. I am from the Land of the birdsí aka Baltimore Maryland. I love my teams very much! In my spare time I love to read, watch Netflix, and laugh with funny people. I am also an alto in Squawkappella and canít wait to see where this amazing opportunity takes me.


Hello, Iím Jess! I am a sophomore psychology major here at Salisbury University. This is my second year in Squawkappella and my first year as our groupís assistant music director. In my free time, you can catch me telling poor jokes, feeding my online shopping addiction, playing super Mario brothers, or drinking coffee.  I am looking forward to another great year with some awesome people. :)   


My name is Ryan Donoghue and I am a sophomore. I am a music education major and my main instrument is saxophone. I love beatboxing (especially for freestyle rap battles) and I often find myself doing it subconsciously. I am the incarnation of all things metal and I like pretending I'm an air bender or an orc shaman and stuff like that. I also like to be weird and make people think really hard about things. I am passionate about inspiring others to be better musicians, creative thinkers, and all-around people!


Howís it going! My name is Alex. There isnít much to know about me except that I like long walks on the beach, and that Iím lactose intolerant, so I cannot eat ice cream. I am a Tenor in Squawkappella, and I am so excited to be a part of this awesome group! Thanks! Coop out.


Hi Iím Paul!! I am a freshman and it is my first year in Sqauwkappella. I am a bass/baritone. My major at SU is Secondary Education History. You can run into me on campus at my usual stomping grounds, either Cool beans, enjoying a JAMMER smoothie, or in commons, drinking a nice hot cappuccino. Iím looking forward to the year!!!


My name is Kierston Dudley, I'm a freshman here at SU and an alto in the group. I'm a social work major and volunteer at The Department of Social Services in Snow Hill. Gossip Girl is my guilty pleasure. I'm outgoing and social, I love spending time with my friends and trying new things. I'm pretty basic.


My name is Amy Wigglesworth and I am a general member of Squawk. I am currently a Junior studying Elementary Education with a minor in Creative Arts. I enjoy singing, dancing, volunteering, and everything Disney! My favorite TV show is Once Upon A Time, my favorite Broadway Show is Phantom of the Opera, and my favorite song is "Already There" by Lonestar. Something people may not know about me is, I really enjoy ballroom dancing!

ted My name is Ted Mullin and  I am a sophomore studying Business Management and Communications at SU. I'm excited to spend my first year in Squawk as a General Member. I've been in numerous musicals and choirs throughout the years. I'm also an Eagle Scout who loves the great outdoors!