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New WXSU Morning Show: Spring 2014

With: Carsen Kay, Tom Sebert, and John Amoroso


Carsen: Lead Host/ Producer

She is a Communications Major, and has a dream of becoming a Radio or TV Host! Carsen started out with Vikki doing The Relaxation Lunch in the fall of 2012.  Carsen has since agreed to stay on with  The New WXSU Morning Show: Coming Spring 2014

When Carsen is not on radio, she is off having fun with her friends! She always has the best stories to talk about in the morning from her weekends.

Tom: University Liaison & Co-Host

-He is a Photography Major and a Business Minor, with a goal of owning his own Photography business in the future!

While Tom is not on The New WXSU Morning Show: Coming Spring 2014, he is kept extremely busy. Along with his huge course load, he is in quite a few different clubs. He will often not be heard from in the outside world for a few days, as he catches up on work—and sleep! With that, Tom is named University Liaison on  The New WXSU Morning Show: Coming Spring 2014. He is always up-to-date on what is going on around campus, so that position is perfect for him! In addition, Tom, with his photography experience, will often be taking snap shots of all of us in the studio, so watch out for those!

John: Co-Host

John is the newest member of the show with Mike's departure... More details coming soon.



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